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Ron Paul Explains How To Help Son's Potential Presidential Bid On InfoWars Radio

"And it seems like he may well be the frontrunner right now."

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Appearing on the Alex Jones Show Monday, former Republican congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul solicited support from the show's listeners for his son's possible presidential campaign. Paul said his son appears to be the frontrunner for the Republican Party's 2016 nomination.

"Rand Paul for president," Jones said. "He is the best. Obviously he's clearly going to run. How do we get behind that? How do we get him in...60 seconds on Rand Paul, the senator, becoming the next president."

"It's the same old story," Paul said. "You go to his website, and you volunteer, you send money. You do all those things conceivable because it's a rough road, because the establishment is going to come down hard. And it seems like he may well be the frontrunner right now. If they think he's out there, believe me they're going to come down hard. It's just numbers. It's just numbers. You gotta have enough people."

"It just have to be numbers and numbers of people that volunteer and send money," the elder Paul said.

Rand Paul most recently had a narrow lead in a 2016 presidential poll done by Quinnipiac University.

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