Romney Often Knocked Politicians Who Criticized President’s Foreign Policy

Mitt Romney is attacking the President’s foreign policy tonight in an appearance on CNBC, and could to do so on his trip overseas this week. But in the past, Romney said he believed “politics end at the water’s edge.” An issue that could complicate his foreign trip.

1. Romney in 2007:Politics should end at the water’s edge. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid shouldn’t be going to Syria.

2. Romney in 2007:The President leads our foreign policy. You don’t have two people conducting separate foreign policies.

3. Romney in 2007 on this attacking Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld: “I don’t think pointing fingers at individuals is a productive exercise.”

“I really don’t think pointing fingers at individuals is a productive exercise at this point,” Romney said on those attacking Rumsfeld. “Clearly the president would agree the buck stops with him. He’s responsible for the management of our affairs, and I would not suggest we go and try and find individuals within various departments to assume the blame.”

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