Recovery.gov Brags About $55K Stimulus-Funded Study Of Glowing Spiders On Halloween

A real job creator.

On Thursday, Recovery.gov, which tracks stimulus spending, tweeted out a link to a taxpayer-funded study at the University of Colorado.

Via Twitter: @RecoveryDotGov

The study was awarded a $55,000 grant as part of the nearly $800 billion 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which was passed to restart the economy and create jobs.

Via recovery.gov

According to Recovery.gov’s record of the grant: “The major goals of this project are to determine which wavelengths of light induce fluorescence in spiders, to quantify the wavelengths of light emitted, to measure how brightly spiders fluoresce, to map body regions where fluorescence occurs, and to asce.”

Fluorescence. Wavelengths. In Spiders.

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So yeah, happy Halloween.

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