Obama’s Decision To Seek Syria Strike Support From Congress As Told By 20 Foreign Front Pages

“Iraq War Haunts Obama.” [Ed. note: Some of these translations may not been exact.]

1. Canada - Obama’s About-Face

2. Belgium - Obama Postpones Attack

4. Brazil - Obama Says He Will Intervene In Syria

5. Ecuador - Obama Awaits Congressional Approval To Attack Syria

6. Germany - Obama Waits For Congress

7. Israel - Obama Will Seek Permission From Congress To Attack Syria

h/t Sandy Johnston

8. Italy - Obama Asks Congress For Ok

9. Kuwait - US Backs Off Imminent Action Against Syria, Iraq War Haunts Obama

10. Lebanon - Obama: Strike Tomorrow, Or In A Week, Or In A Month

11. Malta - Obama Seeks Strike Go Ahead

12. Mexico - U.S. President Hopes Congress Will ‘Pull The Trigger’ For A Limited Attack On Syria.

13. Pakistan - Obama Firm On Syria Action, But Awaits Congress Appoval

14. Oman - Obama To Seek Congress Support For Strike On Syria

15. Portugal - Obama Wants Congressional Approval For Attack On Syria

16. Puerto Rico - Obama Will Consult Congress To Attack Syria

17. United Arab Emirates - Obama Seeks Congress Vote For Strike

18. Turkey - The Ball In Congress’ Hands

19. Sweden - Congress Will Vote On Syria

20. Spain - Obama To Ask Congress To Support Syria Attack

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