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GOP Senate Candidate's Website Background and Logo Are Of A Bay In Canada

Believe in Canada?

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Mike McFadden is a Republican candidate for Senate in Minnesota. He is currently in a primary to take on incumbent Democratic Sen. Al Franken.


The article lists the author as Stephen Strathdee, a now-deceased Canadian-based photographer who lived in Vancouver. Here's the link to his series on iStock and his photo.

The location isn't specified in the photo but is tagged "Ontario," Canada," "Lake Superior," as well as "Lake Michigan."


The photo, however, is of Agawa Bay in Ontario, Canada, rather than a lake in Minnesota. Here's another video of the bay at sunset from a different photographer.

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Canadian Ministry of Natural Resources official Bob Elliot of Lake Superior Provincial Park tells BuzzFeed "the background photo certainly looks like Agawa Bay."

McFadden's campaign told BuzzFeed "we're willing to admit we've made a mistake."

"We're not a typical campaign and we're willing to admit when we've made a mistake. We just wish Al Franken would admit that he made a mistake in voting for a healthcare law that kicked 140,000 Minnesotans off their insurance and will reduce employment in Minnesota by the equivalent of 50,000 jobs."

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