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Mike Huckabee's New Talking Point Is Keeping Gitmo Open — He Once Advocated Closing It

God, guns, Gitmo, and gravy.

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Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has said it in just about every recent speech, Facebook post, and tweet slamming President Obama after the attacks in Paris: the U.S. detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba should remain open.

"France has closed its borders and all President Obama wants to do is close Gitmo," Huckabee said in a Tuesday Facebook post.

"Close our borders instead of Guantanamo," Huckabee wrote on his plan in response to the Paris attacks on his website.

"How embarrassing is it the left wing socialist president of France is closing his borders to immigration while our president wants to close Gitmo to turn their terrorists loose so they can come at us again," the former Arkansas said local radio on Monday.

"We need to be beefing up Guantanamo," he added on Breitbart News Radio.

During his first run for the presidency in 2008, however, Huckabee said repeatedly he too wanted to close the facility, because it was a "problematic" symbol to the rest of the world.

"I think the problem with Guantanamo is not in that its facilities are inadequate," the former Arkansas stated. "It's the symbol that it represents. It's clearly become a symbol to the rest of the world as a place that has become problematic for us as a nation. I was quite frankly impressed with the quality of the facilities and even the attention to care that was given to the detainees, but that aside, it doesn't alter that Guantanamo to the rest of the world is a symbol that is not in our best interests to continue pursuing.

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