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Martin O'Malley's Big Wall Street White Paper Cited A Fake News Article

The campaign quickly fixed the error.

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Democratic presidential candidate and former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley released a ten page plan Thursday for regulating Wall Street and breaking up the country's banks.

O'Malley outlines the paper as "protecting the American dream from another Wall Street crash."

Bloomberg Politics reporter Phil Mattingly noticed the first footnote sourced a satirical website, The Daily Currant.

The first footnote in @MartinOMalley's Wall Street white paper actually sources to a satirical news story/site


Lis Smith, a aide to O'Malley, defended the error on Twitter.

@Phil_Mattingly We’re not the first—nor last—campaign to drop a comprehensive policy paper with an errant footnote!

The campaign quickly fixed the mistake:

Martin O'Malley's Wall Street white paper has been stealthily updated to remove satirical website citing (see below)

And said it was not big deal:

@BuzzFeedAndrew We had an errant footnote among 37. Updated it. “Steathily” makes it sound sexier than it is (tho more ppl shld read it!)

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