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Jeb Bush Sounds Off On "Disgusting" Trump, Says Rubio Has No Record To Run On

"I think it's a sign of deep insecurity when he uses profanity. I mean, there are children watching this stuff."

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Jeb Bush called Donald Trump's use of profanity disgusting and a sign of deep insecurity in an interview with NewsMax Prime on Wednesday.

Bush, complimenting his opponent Marco Rubio as a "gifted politician," also said the Florida senator did not have the experience to lead the country.

Asked about Trump's use of expletives to describe how he would defeat ISIS, the former Florida governor said, "I'm tired of it. I don't think it's a sign of strength, I think it's a sign of deep insecurity when he uses profanity. I mean, there are children watching this stuff." Trump has gone on several profanity-laced tirades throughout the presidential primary process, most recently saying "we'll beat the shit" out of ISIS.

Bush continued, "I find it offensive when he insults the disabled, women, Hispanics, POWs, calling them loser cause they got caught. This is disgusting. It's not a sign of leadership, it's certainly not a sign of strength. This notion that you just raise the volume of your voice and say ugly things. That makes you strong. Wow, that's just totally the opposite, it's a sign of deep insecurity and weakness. And our next president needs to be strong and have fortitude and inspire people, and lead this country, and you don't do it by shouting out expletives."

Bush was also asked about his relationship with Rubio, saying the first-term senator can't claim any record of accomplishment.

"Look he's a gifted politician, he's been in political life since he was 26 and he knows how to campaign, he's a good politician but we need a leader as president of the United States," said Bush. "Someone with a proven record."

"It distinguishes me from Marco Rubio who can't claim that he has any record to do anything," said Bush. "He can talk about what he will do but Barack Obama said what he would do but it turns out he didn't do it. And he didn't have the leadership skills to do any of it."

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