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Former Komen Executive Karen Handel Voted In Favor Of Funding Planned Parenthood

Executive at the center of the Komen Controversy once allocated public money to Planned Parenthood.

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Karen Handel, the Susan G. Komen Foundation executive at the center of the organization's controversy surrounding their decision not to consider Planned Parenthood for future grants, resigned yesterday.

The charity had cited a investigation of Planned Parenthood, supported by anti-abortion groups and headed by Republican House member Cliff Stearns of Florida as the reason for the decision. The investigation was launched to see if the group has improperly used Federal funds to pay for abortions which is barred by the Hyde Amendment.

But Handel, who ran for Georgia Governor in 2010, and was endorsed former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, once previously voted in favor of providing government money for Planned Parenthood.

Documents obtained by BuzzFeed show that when Handel was serving as a Fulton County Commissioner, she voted in favor or diverting $425,568 of taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood for "family planning services."

The vote became of subject of controversy for Handel during her failed 2010 bid for the Republican gubernatorial nomination. Former Georgia Representative Nathan Deal, who defeated Handel in a runoff and eventually won the general election, used the vote routinely to attack Handel. Planned Parenthood's Georgia affiliate contends the money was not used for abortions.

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