Foreign Newspapers Welcome Fiscal Cliff Deal

The world joined the United States in relief a deal had been reached. [Ed. note: Some of these translations may not be exact.]

1. Argentina - Markets Rally After U.S. Fiscal Deal

2. Austria - Worldwide Markets Rejoice At the U.S. Budget Deal

3. Brazil - US Avoids Disaster

4. Canada - Cliff Vote Buoys Market

5. France - After The Cliff, The Chasm

6. Germany - U.S. Tentatively Sets A Budget Deal

7. Italy - Stocks Fly At U.S. Agreement

8. Japan - U.S. House Passes Stopgap Bill To Dodge “Fiscal Cliff”

9. Philippines - “Cliff” Deal Welcomed

10. Saudi Arabia - Saudi Markets Surge, Oil Rallies After Fiscal Cliff Deal

11. Spain - Obama Allelujah

13. United Kingdom - Markets Soar After US Steps Back From Cliff

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