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FBI Documents Show Anwar Al-Awlaki Bought Tickets For 9/11 Hijackers (Update: Documents Disputed)

Documents obtained by Judicial Watch via a Freedom of information Act request show that the FBI found evidence showing the American-born cleric bought plane tickets for 9/11 hijackers. “We have FBI documents showing that the FBI knew that al-Awlaki had bought three tickets for three of the hijackers to fly into Florida and into Las Vegas, including the lead hijacker, Mohammad Atta,” Judicial Watch, told Fox News exclusively who first reported the news, but did not include the documents. Update Foreign Policy contributor J.M. Berger "calls shenanigans" on the Judicial Watch documents saying he's not sure the documents show the Al-Awlaki bought the tickets.

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Here's the Fox News report on the documents.

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