Asked In 2008 If He Would Bring RomneyCare “National,” Romney Replied “Absolutely”

Mitt Romney sometimes comes under fire for shifting views on whether he would have used his state model of health care reform, RomneyCare, as a model for national reform.

At a 2008 event in New Hampshire, Romney was asked by a voter, “You supported national healthcare in Massachusetts. Are you going to do the same thing on a national?” His response: “Absolutely, I’ve already put a plan out. Take a look at it. Get on my website, take a look.”

3. Later the same voter followed up with Romney.

Voter: “We are trying to get a 100% health care for all Americans.”
Romney: “Me too, that is what my plan does.”

Romney’s 2008 health care reform plan implies using a “federalist approach,” but the plan doesn’t specifically imply that it is a states-only approach. Implementing the concepts laid out in the Romney plan, including the “Stop The Free Riders” concept, also known as the individual mandate, would most likely have to involve some coordination on the federal level.

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