9 Things The Media Got Wrong About The Sandy Hook Shooting

Much of the initial information coming from news organizations was partially or entirely inaccurate.

1. Nancy Lanza Worked At Sandy Hook Elementary School

She didn’t.

2. Adam Lanza Used Handguns To Commit The Murders

He used a Bushmaster rifle.

3. Adam Lanza Was Buzzed In

He broke in through a window.

4. Adam Lanza’s Girlfriend Was Missing

It is unclear if Adam Lanza even had a girlfriend.

5. Adam Lanza’s Father Was Dead

He is alive and has released a statement of condolence.

6. Adam Lanza Had An Altercation With Sandy Hook Elementary Staff Members

His motive remains unknown.

7. A Possible Second Gunman Was In Custody

There was no second gunman.

8. The Shooter Was Ryan Lanza

Police incorrectly told multiple media outlets that Ryan Lanza was the shooter, when in fact the shooter was Adam Lanza. More on this here.

9. How The Shooter Was Identified Incorrectly

One of these explanations must be incorrect.

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