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Here's How To Get Rid Of That New Snapchat Update Everyone Hates

Calm down, teens. You can reverse it.

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Plus, celebrity accounts and publications are now in a different section altogether, rather than among everyone's Stories.

Amber Jamieson / BuzzFeed News

If the Kardashians are mixed in with my friends, then it's like they ARE my friends, right?

Even Kylie Jenner isn't impressed.

Mm just saw the new Snapchat.. I don’t know how i feel about it! What do you guys think?


But not to worry because lots of Snap users have been tweeting how you can reverse the update and get the old update of Snapchat again.

PSA: how to reverse the Snapchat update ‼️

Ok, to be clear, this isn't a long-term solution, but there are no security concerns to be had in going back to the old version.

Also, Snapchat wants you to do this before reinstalling:

Before reinstalling Snapchat or logging out, make sure Memories are backed up or you could lose them 😔 Settings >…


2. Open your phone's settings, go to "iTunes & App Stores," and turn off the "automatic downloads" for Apps and Updates.

Amber Jamieson / BuzzFeed News

I'm not entirely sure you need to turn off both but I did and it works so don't mess with the directions.


6. You then have to prove you aren't a robot by choosing pictures of ghosts! It's the Snapchat ghost logo, which honestly I'd never noticed was a ghost until this exact moment.

7. Phew, I'm real. Snapchat will want your cell number, or mobile number, if that's what you'd prefer to call it (Snapchat does). Type it in.

Amber Jamieson / BuzzFeed News

(Sorry to block out my cell phone number but I don't like you all that much).

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