The “Homeland” Season 3 Finale Leaked Online

The finale airs today at 9 p.m. ET, but leaked online illegally earlier this week.

For a show about classified CIA missions, Homeland episodes sure do leak online surprisingly often.

Earlier this week, the Season 3 finale made its way to the internet, where it was posted to various forums that host illegal content, as well as Reddit, The Wrap reports.

The video has since been deleted from Reddit, but a thread remains, where users discuss the episode in detail.

“This felt like it could’ve been a series finale,” one user said.

A representative for Showtime had no comment about the leaked episode.

This is the second time a very important Homeland episode was leaked. A copy of the Season 3 premiere, which still had uncompleted green screen work, hit the internet a month before it aired in September and was pirated more than 100,000 times according to, a website that features data and trends related to file sharing.

Although the Homeland Season 3 finale has since been removed, the comments on the Reddit thread are very detailed and seemingly sincere, suggesting the users did watch some version of the finale.

3. People on Twitter also claimed to watch the leaked season finale.

It’s Bradley, Bitch!


I don’t understand why people like to spoil things for others. Yes, I watched the #Homeland finale leak and no, I won’t be spilling anything

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Louis Torres


2 years in a row the people at Showtime have allowed late season episodes of Homeland leak, this time the finale.HBO doesn’t let this happen

/ Via

Cecil Brown


I couldn’t help myself - the Homeland finale leak was worth it.

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Of course, it’s always possible the leaked ending is not the real one, as one Reddit user acknowledged:

This thought just came to me.. It’s a little paranoid but hear me out.. What if they created an alternate ending and the one that Airs tomorrow is actually the proper one?? loool how funny would that be.. I know money wise it would make no sense to shoot different scenes but maybe as an experiment the leaked version had a different ending?

7. The Homeland Season 3 finale airs tonight at 9 p.m. ET on Showtime.

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