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23 Pictures Of The One-Year Anniversary Of Sandy Hook

Memorial services in Newtown and throughout the nation today marked the one year anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting.

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Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama lit 26 candles and observed a moment of silence in memory of the 20 children and six school workers killed by Adam Lanza one year ago.


Cloe Poisson/Hartford Courant / MCT

The Parker family paid tribute to Emilie Parker. This memorial marks the entrance to the Shady Spot playground, which was dedicated to Emilie, at Riverside Park in New London, Conn.


Stephen Dunn/Hartford Courant / MCT

The Sandy Ground project is building playgrounds dedicated to each victim of the massacre. This one is dedicated to victim Josephine Gay.


Stephen Dunn/Hartford Courant / MCT

Josephine's parents Michele and Bob Gay listen to speeches while holding a Bevin bell presented to them at the playground opening ceremony.

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