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Iran Executes Nuclear Scientist Accused Of Revealing Sensitive Information To The CIA

Iran confirmed on Sunday that Shahram Amiri had been executed after more than five years in prison for treason.

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An Iranian nuclear scientist who was accused of providing sensitive information to the US government has been executed in Iran.

Shahram Amiri had been detained in Iran since 2010. In 2009, Amiri went missing after making a pilgrimage to Mecca, the BBC reported. He was found in the US a year later and claimed he had been kidnapped and forced under "intense psychological pressure to reveal sensitive information" to the CIA.

However, US officials told the BBC at the time that Mr Amiri had defected of his own free will and provided "useful information" to the US.

He eventually returned to Iran, where he was tried for treason and given a long prison sentence. On Sunday, Iran confirmed Amiri had been executed, the Associated Press reported.

On Saturday, Amiri's mother told the BBC the body of her son had been returned to their hometown with rope marks around his neck and they believed he had been hanged.

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