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A Giant Hole Swallowed A Load Of Cars In Florence

"Goodbye dear little car, thank you for all the good trips."

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The collapse, near the city's famous Ponte Vecchio bridge, happened early Wednesday morning after a water pipe under the street burst overnight.

Niccolò Teodori

"My blood froze," he said. "I was about to leave for Treviso for work when a friend sent me the local police's photo of the collapsed road along the Arno river. At that point I realized there was little hope as I remembered exactly where I had parked [my car]."

On Facebook he lamented the loss of his car. "Goodbye dear little car, thank you for all the good trips. The Punto has gone to a better life 😭😭."

Several buildings near the collapsed road were evacuated as a precaution, Italian news site Corriere reported.

Niccolò Teodori / Via

Officials are now working to remove the cars from the hole so they can repair the broken pipe.

In corso rimozione auto su lungarno #Torrigiani

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