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A New Dinosaur Was Discovered And It's Stupidly Badass

Scientists reported the discovery of a new dinosaur this week. The dino is a cousin to the famous velociraptor, and is now the largest dinosaur found with birdlike wings.

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According to the researchers, this new fossil is the largest ever discovered with a well-preserved set of birdlike wings.

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"We know [velociraptor] itself had quill knobs on its arms, which in birds support big quill pen feathers," Steve Brusatte (above, left), one of the paleontologists involved with the discovery, told BuzzFeed. "But we only have the bones for [velociprator], so we can't be sure how big the feathers were or what they looked like."

But that is not the case with this new raptor!

Brusatte didn't stop with this awesome dino discovery, though. He also proposed a new Jurassic Park storyline.

"Chris Pratt is signed up for JP5," Brusatte explained, "So they'll need a new storyline. How about some terrorists get their hands on the trained velociraptors and then Chris Pratt had to train some zhenyuanlongs, which are bigger and scarier and fluffier, to take them down?

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