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17 Makeup Facts That Show Humans Will Do Anything For Beauty

Is it time to bring back crocodile intestinal oil, or nah?

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1. What's the deal with red lipstick? Some scientists think that red lips on women is a biological cue for mating.

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Their argument is that redder lips are associated with oxygenated blood, which is a sign of higher estrogen levels and sexual arousal. This is obviously the first thing someone thinks when they see someone with hella red lipstick.


5. According to scientists, how we wear makeup likely reveals a lot about why we find certain feminine features — like eyes and lips — attractive.


Many scientists think that the way humans use cosmetics enhances features that natural selection has already deemed attractive. Women tend to have a greater contrast between their eyes, lips, and the rest of their face. We've been using makeup to enhance those features for tens of thousands of years even if we aren't aware of it. Get out of my head, makeup!


10. Super toxic lead-based mixtures were all the rage in cosmetics from ancient Egypt all the way to 19th century Europe.

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If you had painted your walls with such a chemical, you would likely be required by law to mention its use if you were to sell the home. It's hella toxic.

12. Scientists say both men and women like clear skin because it is a sign of youth and good health.

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Biologically speaking, that's what you need in a mate if you want your genes to live on! Makeup has long been used to cover up blemishes.


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