Which Animal Dates Like You Date?

How do you get your mate on?

Animal Portraits / Rob Bixby / Alex Kasprak / BuzzFeed
    1. The beach
    2. The club
    3. Your own baller pad
    4. Wherever your date wants to go
    5. A hotel with hourly rates
    6. Somewhere on a road trip
    1. Commitment-free sex
    2. A life long partner
    3. Financial support
    4. Someone to keep you warm
    5. Validation
    6. Romance
    1. As long as you can hold on!
    2. You aren’t really into defining things.
    3. Maybe a year?
    4. Hopefully a long time!
    5. One gloriously picturesque afternoon.
    6. ‘Till death do you part!
    1. Your ability to commit
    2. Your social nature
    3. Your free spirit
    4. Your grit and determination
    5. Your sense of style
    6. Your romantic side

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