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People Are Adding Lasers To Drawings Of Extinct Animals Just Because

#AddLasersToPaleoArt is the best and most random thing happening on the internet right now.

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You may not be aware of it, but there is a thriving community of artists who specialize in drawing extinct animals.

Nobu Tamura / Via

That's paleoartist Nobo Tamura's reconstruction of an elephant-sized ground sloth that went extinct around 10,000 years ago.


Needless to say, #AddLasersToPaleoArt is the best thing happening on the internet right now:

It is giving us epic scenes like this one:

And another for #AddLasersToPaleoart, because I couldn't resist... this is what happens when Balaur gets friendzoned.

And this harrowing scene:

My contribution to #AddLasersToPaleoart . These parasaurs saw something they didn't like on that tree! Lol.

Or this Mad Max Thunderdome-esque scene:

ok, I have to stop with #AddLasersToPaleoart

It is successfully making this terror bird a whole lot more terrifying:

Now, that's a proper terror bird. (.gif) #AddLaserstoPaleoart


It is also giving us a fresh take on classic scientific problems like Brachiosaurus projectile vomiting:

My contribution to #AddLasersToPaleoart: Power-puking Brachiosaurus destroys puny theropod with its secret weapon.

Some people are reaching deep into the early beginnings of their career for inspiration:

. @MarkWitton @RealSparklePony @MikeTaylor Found this amateur attempt among childhood artwork. #AddLasersToPaleoart

A common theme involves tiny mammals being preyed upon by laser-wielding dinos:

During the Early Cretaceous, laser eye searchlights helped Dilong find its prey at night #addlaserstopaleoart

But mammals are also getting a chance to try out some lasers of their own:

There were often viscous #MesozoicMammal laser-battles. So many lives were lost. #AddLasersToPaleoart

Everyone knows mammals replaced dinosaurs due to advanced Mesozoic eye-laser evolution #AddLasersToPaleoart

Heck, even invertebrates are getting in on the action:

A little late to the party but the Flying Trilobite squadron is go #AddLaserstoPaleoart

Trilobites, unsurprisingly, seem to be especially vicious:

Trilobites with frickin' laser beams! #AddLasersToPaleoart

Still, you should never discount a properly-lasered gastropod:

These are my angry eyes! Our contribution to #AddLasersToPaleoart

Fuck yeah, #AddLasersToPaleoArt!

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