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Some Random Guy Accidentally Ended Up At This Meeting With President Obama

In fairness, who hasn't turned up to the wrong meeting and tried to blend in?

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Well, according to Reddit user cc971172, there's a reason. He got invited by accident:

"We thought they wanted a representative from our company in the audience," the user wrote. "Turns out they wanted the representative for a special round table with the president. Due to this mix up we sent my friend (a leader in our CAD department) instead of the CEO."

The user said at the time that they hadn't been able to talk to their friend — who, according to photo agency captions, is a man named Marvin Lance Futch.

Other members of the meeting included Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker. A representative for Mayor Becker's office told BuzzFeed News that Futch being invited accidentally was highly unlikely.

"The gatherings that took place while President Obama was here were organized and overseen by the White House folks, including assembling invite lists," the representative said. "Based on the security measures that were in place for all the POTUS events, I find it very hard to believe that anyone could have 'accidentally' been included."

On Wednesday, however, Futch gave an interview with the New York Post, saying that he did, in fact, accidentally sit down at a meeting with the president of the United States.

"I was told that it was going to be an informal event — that it was going to be business casual," Futch told reporters. "I was sitting there. Honestly one of the first thoughts to go through my mind is: My commander on the base is going to kill me for this. I should have known better."

The user added: "I have learned that it sounds like the leaders of the company sent him because he is in the air force and part of the speech Obama gave was about employing veterans in our industry. It wasn't known by our company before hand obama [sic] wanted our representatives input in such a small group meeting."

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