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Belgians Are Breaking Out These "Machine Guns" To Mock Terrorists

They have chips in them.

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After terrorists claimed over 30 lives and injured scores more in attacks on Belgium's capital, Brussels, Belgians felt they had to get out their machine guns.

Facebook: Chaima.chaikovski

By which they meant the Belgian machine gun, a special sandwich with meat, chips, and gravy.

The only mitraillette I like to see in #Brussels

"The only machine gun I like to see in #Brussels."

It looks delicious.

La seule mitraillette qui vaille la peine ^^ #belgitude #bruxelles #zaventem #maelbeek

"The only worthwhile machine gun ^^ #Belgitude #Brussels #Zaventem #Maelbeek"

And it serves as a symbol of defiance.

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"Today my country is in mourning. But these scumbags won't win! We also have machine guns... And our humour (even if on this sad day, I don't want to smile)."

Just as, earlier today, this statue of a little pissing boy did.

Après Paris et ses terrasses,ici, montrons qu'on peut aussi défier ces fous et #sortirlesmitraillettes.#brussels

"After Paris and the terraces, we should show that we can defy the madness and #BringOutTheMachineGuns. #Brussels""

@jysuistoujours @YouTube et moi d'une mitraillette ou un Stoemp #JeSuisBelge Vive #Brussels !

"And me with a machine gun or a Stoemp #IAmBelgian Long live #Brussels!"

"Your machine gun – come and fight me! My machine gun."

Just don't forget...

Don't pray, eat (belgian) fries. #BrusselsAttacks #Brussels #BelgiumUnderAttack #belgium #WeLoveBrussels

...the all-important fries.

Love and Fries Conquer all! #Brussels #PrayForBelgium

Tintin, french fries made symbols of solidarity after #Brusselsattacks @vocativ

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