Professor Sycamore Is Hands Down The Sexiest Part Of Pokémon X/Y

More like Pokémon XXXY. Sorry.

1. Little did you know when you first entered the long-awaited world of Pokemon X/Y that this luscious treat would be the first thing to greet you.


Can I call you Gus? Great thanks.

3. He’s so rakishly good-looking.

5. (Although it’s not the first time a French hottie has taken the Pokémon universe by storm.)


6. So…not Professor Oak.

Sry buddy but it’s true.

7. He would make the world’s best Poké-manfriend.

8. He’s all too easy to ship.

If you would prefer drastically more NSFW pics, I invite you to check out the Sycamore Tumblr tag.

9. He does adorable things like leaving himself this letter.

14. And let’s just say he rings a bell or two…

No, my friend, indeed you are not.

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