This Hawk Taking On A Snake Is All Of Us When We Realize We Bit Off More Than We Can Chew


1. This hawk decided to tussle with a snake in L.A. and it looks like he pretty much regretted it immediately. / Via David Austin

2. Photographer David Austin captured the awesome image a couple weeks back and emailed BuzzFeed about what he saw.

I thought I heard one person say that they thought the hawk had been run over as it just came down with the snake in the street. It must have just grabbed it. I was there maybe five minutes. In that time, the hawk was in the position pictured and the snake was slowly freeing itself. (Not so much wrestling.) The hawk wasn’t moving much. We stood by to make sure no cars would run them over. Once free, the hawk flew off and seemed to not be harmed. The snake slowly slithered back towards the park.

3. Looks like they were both OK and the hawk probably learned a life lesson.

David Austin

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