Pope Francis Demands Statue Of Himself Be Removed, And Not Just Because It Was Hideous

Argentina, we know you love your native son, but he was all, “Are you actually kidding me, Buenos Aires?”

1. Pope Francis may like to look at Macbooks while on a boat like a boss, but there is one thing he does NOT like. And that’s statues of himself. Just don’t.

Osservatore Romano / Reuters

2. The statue was in the Cathedral of Buenos Aires, according to Argentinian site Clarin.

[He] got upset when he learned that they had made a statue with his image, and that it was placed in the garden next to the Metropolitan Cathedral to honor him. They say that, without delay, he grabbed the phone, called Buenos Aires’ Curia and emphatically asked it to be removed immediately. “Get that right away,” he told the priest who answered the phone. The request was answered promptly.

3. Pope Francis doesn’t play. It’s because he abhors the “cult of personality.” He was even cheered by a crowd recently and said everyone should be cheering Jesus, not him. But before he laid down the smack, some photos were taken.

4. Uh, nice likeness.

5. Um, nailed it.

6. Yeah, this child is totally into it.

7. Papal statue groupies?

8. But apparently Brazil didn’t hear that Argentina got the Papal backhand because it has its own statue. What are they thinking?

Ricardo Moraes / Reuters

9. They made the statue ride in a motorcade like it was the Pope. Mistake.

Ricardo Moraes / Reuters

10. This woman knows of the coming fury.

Ricardo Moraes / Reuters

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