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Egypt Bans The Muslim Brotherhood In Continuing Crackdown On Morsi Supporters

The court ordered the government to seize the Brotherhood's funds and administer its frozen assets.

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Egypt's court on Monday banned Muslim Brotherhood activities in a continuing campaign to crack down on deposed President Mohammed Morsi's supporters.

The group's funds were seized, and the government was ordered to administer its assets.

"The court bans the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood organization and its non-governmental organization and all the activities that it participates in and any organization derived from it," said the presiding judge Mohammed al-Sayed.

"This is totalitarian decision," leading Muslim Brotherhood member Ibrahim Moneir said in an interview with Qatari-based Al-Jazeera Mubasher Misr TV.

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"You are losers and it (the Brotherhood) will remain with God's help, not by the orders by the judiciary of el-Sissi,"

Following Morsi's overthrow and the suspension of the Islamist-friendly 2012 constitution, the Cairo administrative court and the social solidarity ministry were tasked with reviewing the Brotherhood's legal status, according to the BBC.

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