CNN Confuses Twitter With Poll About Whether Jose Antonio Vargas Should Stay Or Be Deported

The livetweets were part of a showing of Vargas film Documented, which tells the story of his journey as an undocumented immigrant in America.

1. CNN aired Jose Antonio Vargas’ film Documented Sunday night and tweeted about it as the movie aired.

The film tells the story of Vargas coming out as an undocumented immigrant and traveling the country talking to people about his situation.

2. One way CNN engaged in conversation around the film was by asking whether he should be deported, with JOSESTAY or JOSEGO as options.

3. Many were not pumped about the approach.

6. On Twitter, CNN’s social media manager said the question is central to the film.

@lisatozzi @RealAdrianC Yes, really. This is the question @joseiswriting asks presidential candidates, congressional committees, etc.

— CNN (@CNN)

@RealAdrianC @CNN Not "oh no." It's the question he asks presidential candidates, congressional committees ... It's central to the film.

— Anna M. Gonzalez (@webanna)

8. And also pointed to the results from the tweets.

.@joseiswriting asks: should he be deported? 63% say JOSESTAY and 37% say JOSEGO. Vote w/ #Documented

— CNNFilms (@CNNFilms)

9. Vargas told BuzzFeed the question is important.

“I am grateful to CNN for airing this film and sparking a national conversation on immigration and family separation,” he wrote to BuzzFeed.

“At a time of political standstill, with reporters calling immigration reform, ‘dead,’ we gotta humanize this issue. Asking ‘JoseGo’ and ‘JoseStay’ is a way of asking my fellow Americans, ‘What do you want to do with me? What do you want to do with us?’”

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