Brazil Crime Syndicate Threatens "World Cup Of Terror" In 2014

The PCC, which operates from jails, says it will strike during the World Cup and presidential elections if their chiefs are transferred to high-security prisons.

1. Brazil’s powerful crime syndicate First Command of the Capital (known as PCC), says it will launch a “World Cup of terror” if its chiefs are transferred and isolated in other prisons, according to O Estado de Sao Paulo.

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Brazil crime group PCC vows “World Cup of Terror” if their leaders put in isolation in high-security jails

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3. The crime gang, known for deadly attacks like torching commuter buses in June 2012 in Sao Paulo, operates from jails in Sao Paulo state and does not want its power challenged.


The syndicate, which has more than 11,000 members, including 6,000 behind bars, also operates in Paraguay and Bolivia.

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@FIFAcom Threats faction extend to 2014, when the bad guys promise a “World Cup of terror”CAUTION Please observe seriously. #Fifa14 #Copa14

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5. The threat is also aimed at military police. “I passed along a message to my men to pay twice as much attention and be wary when they park their cars and on their way home,” Colonel Benedito Meira said in Portuguese.

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In 2012, after the PCC ordered police attacks, 106 military police were assassinated.

6. Police say the PCC wants them to know of their plans. “The atmosphere is very tense in the region. They are transmitting orders by cell phones because they want us to know,” said one official.


A prosecutors’ report released last week called for 175 PCC members who are currently free to be incarcerated and describes the PCC as a huge organization with divisions to coordinate the drug trade, commit crimes, provide legal defense to its members and manage its finances, The Daily Star reports.

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