A Male Tennis Star Just Hired A Female Coach And Some People Aren’t Too Happy About It

British superstar Andy Murray has named former world No. 1 Amélie Mauresmo to his coaching staff. Predictably, this move brought out the worst in many people on social media.

1. British tennis star Andy Murray, who has been without a coach since March of this year, just announced that he is hiring former world No. 1 Amélie Mauresmo as his new coach.

Usa Today Sports / Reuters / Reuters

Murray has gone as high as No. 2 in the world, and has won two major titles, including Wimbledon last year, as well as the Olympic gold medal in 2012.

2. Mauresmo has won two major titles herself (the Australian Open and Wimbledon, both in 2006) and was ranked world No. 1 for a total of 39 weeks during her career.

Regis Duvignau / Reuters

Mauresmo won a total of 25 tour titles during her career, as well as an Olympic silver medal in 2004. She has not played a match since the 2009 US Open, and she announced her retirement shortly thereafter.

3. While it is rare for a male tennis player to hire a female coach, it is not unprecedented (although Murray is the highest profile player to have done so).

Players Mikhail Kukushkin and Denis Istomin have had female coaches, and Mauresmo herself coached fellow French player Michael Llodra for a brief period in 2010.

4. Unfortunately, some have turned to social media to criticize Murray’s decision to hire a female coach.

@andy_murray you tosse u appoint a woman as your coach you'll never win another grand slam again. Haha

— zain mohammed (@zainmohammed786)

Can't believe Andy Murray has appointed a woman as his coach, not impressed

— alan brown (@gonner79)

WHY would Andy Murray hire a coach that's a woman?!?!?

— James Sophia (@jamessophia_)

Andy Murray has appointed a woman as his new coach. There goes any chance of another Grand Slam title.

— Joel T (@3Lions_JT)

10. Many of the complaints invoke derogatory rhetoric about female athletes, criticizing Mauresmo’s femininity.

I thought Andy Murray's new coach was a woman. #AndyMurray

— david hales (@westhamster2)

Andy Murray being coached by a woman who looks like my Dad struggling with a hefty shite. #Mauresmo

— Martin Beaton (@MBeatonio)

Amelie mauresmo to be andy murray's new tennis coach! About sums him up he plays like a woman only she's more man than he'll ever be.

— Paul Kemp (@53pkempy)

@AaruC Andy Murray has appointed Amelie Mauresmo as coach. What's the big deal? It's not like he appointed a woman as coach #killsSelf

— Tony Sebastian (@notytony)

"@SkySportsTennis: Amelie Mauresmo has been appointed as Andy Murray's new coach. " is this a man or a woman?

— Lord Finesse (@Brad_Chilling)

15. While others are utilizing sexist arguments to argue that Mauresmo has nothing to bring to the table besides “traditional” female roles.

Great choice for Andy Murray to hire a woman as his new coach. Bet he has lots of washing up and cooking on the tour which she can do!

— Oli Turner (@ollieman_95)

16. For what it’s worth, there are many expressing support for Murray’s decision as well.

17. Mauresmo is currently signed on only through the grass court season, which lasts until the end of Wimbledon in early July, although she may stay on if the partnership works out.

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