This Teenager From New Jersey Climbed To The Very Top Of The World Trade Center

16-year-old Justin Casquejo was arrested after he snuck past guards and construction workers to climb up to the tip of the spire on the Freedom Tower.

1. Justin Casquejo, a 16-year-old from New Jersey, was arrested for climbing to the top of the Freedom Tower on March 16. Police believe he wore a hard hat to seem inconspicuous, creeping past sleeping security guards as he made his way to the top.

2. Casquejo appears to be a fan of dangerous climbs. These pictures from his Twitter were take atop a crane in Hoboken on March 14.

4. And here are some shots in front the tower he would eventually scale.

5. He’s apparently a fan of parkour.

6. This photo was attributed to what is allegedly Casquillo’s Instagram account, but it’s pretty obviously a filtered screenshot of Time’s “Top Of America” article.


— Midwest Marauder (@EvanTrilliams)

7. Casquejo faces misdemeanor trespassing charges and the police took his cellphone and camera away.

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