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This Teenager From New Jersey Climbed To The Very Top Of The World Trade Center

16-year-old Justin Casquejo was arrested after he snuck past guards and construction workers to climb up to the tip of the spire on the Freedom Tower.

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Justin Casquejo, a 16-year-old from New Jersey, was arrested for climbing to the top of the Freedom Tower on March 16. Police believe he wore a hard hat to seem inconspicuous, creeping past sleeping security guards as he made his way to the top.

Casquejo appears to be a fan of dangerous climbs. These pictures from his Twitter were take atop a crane in Hoboken on March 14.

Hoboken crane climb. @BabyDickSteve @_PrinceBelAir @MistaSwaggaboy


Hoboken crane climb. @BabyDickSteve @_PrinceBelAir @MistaSwaggaboy

12:04 AM - 2 Mar 14ReplyRetweetFavorite


What have you done with your life?

And here are some shots in front the tower he would eventually scale.

US teen daredevil climbs to top of World Trade Center. -


US teen daredevil climbs to top of World Trade Center. -

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He's apparently a fan of parkour.

This photo was attributed to what is allegedly Casquillo's Instagram account, but it's pretty obviously a filtered screenshot of Time's "Top Of America" article.

Casquejo faces misdemeanor trespassing charges and the police took his cellphone and camera away.

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