Which Member Of The Jenner Family Are You?

You may not be a Kardashian but that doesn't mean you aren't reality TV royalty. Don't forget to vote for your favorite Jenner after the quiz!

  • The City Vs. The Hills

    Whether you think The Hills is the worst show in the world or The City is the best thing on television since The Golden Girls , both of these reality gems have always invoked a wide variety of emotions amongst viewers. With The Hills coming to a close it was only right to do a finale battle. View List ›

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  • Surprising YouTube Tribute Videos

    Something very important to YouTube is the art of the tribute video. From Paris Hilton to Rob Pattinson, they number in the thousands. But there’s always the occasional “WTF?” video featuring someone who might not be so deserving of a tribute vid. Urlesque collects some of the most surprising tribute vids. Whoever made the Jim Belushi one please REVEAL YOURSELF for immediate execution.

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  • trashy

    Brody Jenner Tasered

    Bro gets tased after he punched Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis in the face, after Joe Francis kicked and punched Brody Jenner’s girlfriend, Jayde Nicole. Ironically, it happened at Guys and Dolls, the same club where Chris Brown was seen singing and dancing after his sentencing on Tuesday. Which means there’s probably some sort of Douchebag Vortex surrounding the place. Read More ›

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  • Inner Lip Tattoos

    Playboy Playmate Jayde and Brody Jenner have each other’s initials tattooed on the inside of their lower lips. Nothing says true love like getting your significant other’s initials tattooed on your inner lip, where no one will ever see it. Unless you’re making monkey faces at them. Read More ›

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  • Bromance

    Brody Jenner — son of old lesbian Bruce, stepbrother to “porn famous” Kim Kardashian, and ex-boyfriend of The Hills star Lauren “I Design Stuff” Conrad — has inked a deal with Ryan Seacrest’s production company to host a reality show in which “bros” will compete to earn the spot in his posse once occupied by the infamous Spencer Pratt. Contestants will live in a bachelor pad together while vying to “prove their worth as wingmen” and “remain composed in the thick of the paparazzi,” all before possibly being sent home in an elimination ceremony that takes place — no joke — in a hot tub. Don’t call Brody gay, though. He may have shapely eyebrows and surround himself in a jacuzzi with half-naked dudes, but it’s all in the name of turning “appearing on reality shows” into a discernible talent. Read More ›

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