Twitter Confirms: Algorithm Coming To Your Timeline

BuzzFeed News Reporter

An hour ago Confirming a BuzzFeed News report, Twitter begins offering an algorithmic version of its timeline that will prioritize some tweets over others.

What To Expect When You're Expecting The Collapse Of Society As We Know It

BuzzFeed Staff

5 days ago Millions of Americans may identify as “preppers,” but most don’t have massive stockpiles of guns, dress in camo, or live off the grid. They’re more like Lisa Bedford, the “Survival Mom,” who’s built a massive following simply…

Donald Trump's Huge Night In New Hampshire

By Rosie Gray | 10 hours ago

You can curse onstage, fail to be a conservative, never really put together a ground game, or do retail politics, and win enough voters in New…

34 People With Explosives Detained Trying To Cross From Syria To Turkey

By Alicia Melville-Smith | an hour ago

Four men, 10 women, and 20 children were detained on Tuesday night by Turkish armed forces, according to reports.

Congress Moves To Block States From Weakening Encryption Products

By Hamza Shaban | 5 hours ago

As states try to create a way into encrypted data on cell phones, arguing it impedes local law enforcement, U.S. lawmakers fear a patchwork of…

This winter was supposed to offer much needed relief from the state’s punishing drought. But so far, it has fallen short of hopes and expectations.

The video service is taking on Netflix and co. with its own original content.

Steve Madden’s shoes made over $1 billion last year and are in the closet of practically every woman under 30 in America. He may not be an artiste, but that doesn’t bother him — most of the time.