Bringing Down America’s Happiest Christian Cult

4 hours ago For decades, the freewheeling hippies of Jesus People USA —”God’s forever family” — forged one of the most influential movements in Christianity. They were also Jaime Prater’s family, until he made a documentary…

How One Of Katrina's Feel-Good Stories Turned Bad

BuzzFeed Contributor

5 days ago When Kathy Phipps was relocated to a suburban Utah neighborhood after the storm, she was hailed by the media as an example of how the tragedy could turn into opportunity. But 10 years later, Kathy is back in Louisiana, scarred by what…

Bodies Of At Least 70 Refugees Found Inside A Truck By Austrian Roadside

By Francis Whittaker | 19 hours ago

The heavily decomposed bodies were found in the hold of a vehicle on the shoulder of a highway near the Hungarian border Thursday.

The Earth Is Now "Locked In" To A 3 Foot Sea Level Rise, NASA Says

By Jim Dalrymple II | 3 hours ago

“The best science today says it is going to happen and that we’re not ready for it,” a climate scientist told BuzzFeed News.…

The Real Media Machine Behind Trump: Conservative Talk Radio

By Rosie Gray | 5 hours ago

If you’re one of the millions listening to talk radio, you can almost listen to pro-Trump news all day. Is it pure fandom, a conduit for talking…

Investigators found clothing for a disguise, extra license plates, and several rounds of ammunition inside the shooter’s getaway vehicle, police documents revealed.

Vester Flanagan — a former Virginia reporter who fatally shot his former co-workers on live television Wednesday — had a tumultuous history with his WDBJ co-workers, especially photographers, court records show.

Jamyla Bolden was shot and killed on Aug. 18 while working on her fourth-grade homework at home. Police say a 21-year-old man confessed to the shooting.