Can The Government Prove Airlines Conspired To Keep Ticket Prices High?

BuzzFeed News Reporter

2 days ago The government is looking into allegations of collusion among big airlines. But where does loose talk end and conspiracies begin?

On The Road With The Teen Social-Media Sensations Of DigiTour

BuzzFeed Staff

2 days ago This cross-country cash cow starring seven of America’s biggest Vine and YouTube stars may have all the trappings of a traditional rock tour — long bus rides, concert hall stages in front of screaming fans, staying up late — but…

Greece's Protests Are About The Only Thing Making Money Right Now

By Jim Waterson | 3 hours ago

There’s a small cottage industry supplying the endless demonstrations as the country’s economy struggles.

Reddit Moderators Are Fed Up: “I Thought It Couldn’t Get Worse”

By Charlie Warzel | 22 hours ago

“I am not proud to be a part of Reddit, or my contributions to Reddit, and I haven’t been for years,” one moderator told BuzzFeed…

Man Accused Of Killing Woman On S.F. Pier Was Wanted For Deportation, But Set Free

By Jason Wells | 17 hours ago

Francisco Sanchez, a convicted felon who had already been deported five times, was set free by San Francisco officials despite a federal request to…

Popular sections of Reddit went dark Thursday as confusion and protests swept the site. Interim CEO Ellen Pao apologized Friday for “how we handled the transition.”

The helicopter came down in Frisco, about 75 miles west of Denver. The crash killed the pilot and injured two crew members.

For months, thousands of migrants have been stranded in the northern French city, desperately looking for an opportunity to enter the UK through the Channel Tunnel, which connects Britain to mainland Europe.