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12 Things Only Those With Allergies Understand

Can you make it through this post without sneezing? No? Better grab Zyrtec® for fast-acting 24-hour allergy relief.

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1. First of all, cats are evil dander sacks that were sent to destroy you.

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Or at least give you allergies.

2. And flowers? Pollen pods that sprout straight up from hell.

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As far as you're concerned, anyway.

3. When spring comes around, getting out of bed is pretty much impossible.



4. Congestion is something you deal with on a daily basis.


5. Mouth breathing is the only breathing you know.

You can't even remember the last time air went into your nose.

6. And your friends start to avoid you.

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7. Because your face is a sneeze factory.


Open for business 24/7.

8. Dander is the enemy and must be removed at all costs.

9. Outside things terrify you. Especially trees.


10. If you had it your way, every dandelion puff would be destroyed.

Burn, you evil things.

11. And the words "dust storm" incite feelings of dread.

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23 September, 2009. Never forget this day.

12. Basically, allergies are the worst, and you hate them.

Thankfully, Zyrtec is as serious about allergies as you are.

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Zyrtec acts fast and provides up to 24-hour relief. Bye, allergies!

Always read the label, use only as directed. If symptoms persist contact your health care professional.
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