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12 Co-Workers That Everybody Has Dealt With In Their Office

We all know THAT person. Don't let allergies catch you off guard - try ZYRTEC®.

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1. The overly cautious germaphobe.

NBC Late Night With Jimmy Fallon / Via

If they could put hand sanitizer on their food, they probably would.

2. The insanely loud laugher.

Sean Burpee / BuzzFeed

Whose cackle very closely straddles the line between adorable and obnoxious.

3. The shameless fridge thief.

John Urqhart / BuzzFeed

"Caution: Sneezed on my food and my food got sicker." *STILL EATS*

4. The "every day is Friday" co-worker.

Creatas Images / Getty Images

They treat every day like it's casual Friday, and you constantly wonder exactly HOW much time they actually put into work.

5. The self-proclaimed office masseuse. / Via

They clearly don't understand the concept of personal space.

6. The super-young new hire.

Either they're still in high school orrrr we're all getting older.
Jupiterimages / Getty Images

Either they're still in high school orrrr we're all getting older.

7. The tissue box hoarder.


"Can I borrow a tissue?" *Steals all of them*

8. The totally inappropriate oversharer.

We care about what you do on the weekends, but do you need to give eeeeevery detail?

9. The enthusiastic desk diva.

Casey Cline / BuzzFeed

You may or may not know this, but we can all hear you.

10. The overly strong heavy typer.

You can get your message across with light strokes. No need to sound like you're at war with your computer.

11. The super-loud food eater.

ITV / Mr Bean in Room 426 / via / Via

They make it sound like there's an amplifier in their mouths plugged into a garbage disposal.

12. The runny nose bandit.

Clark McCaskill / BuzzFeed

It's like their allergy season is 365 days long.

Don't let allergies catch you off guard, try ZYRTEC®.

Courtesy of Zyrtec / Via