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The Ranking Of The 15 Absolute Worst Times To Sneeze

There is nothing worse than a poorly timed sneeze. Don't let allergies catch you off guard — try ZYRTEC®.

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15. When you see bae and tryna look cute.


No-sneeze zone. They knooow better.

14. When your class is silent during a test. / Via

Bonus points if it's during a midterm or final.

13. During the most suspenseful moment in a movie.

Coughs and Sneeze / Via

Your sneeze just caused the entire audience to think the main character died...

12. When you're trying to kick it with the crew. / Via

"Can I kiiiick it?"

No... You can't sit with us.

11. Belting out that last line in your senior recital. / Via

"I had a dream my life would beeeee / so different from this sneeze I'm sneezing!"

10. While your boss is holding a super-important meeting.

BuzzFeed Violet / Via

"OK, guys, we have been struggling in Q2, and I am really looking to all of you to help drive it..."


9. When you're cooking up some dinner.

RIP You if you happen to be cooking with pepper.
Jupiterimages / Getty Images

RIP You if you happen to be cooking with pepper.

8. When you're trying to be real serious. / Via

"Here is my whole heart and soul...and sneezes."

7. When you're walking with your arms loaded with grocery bags.

Extremely Decent / / Via

With your arms all full, how can you protect the sneeze?

6. When you're interviewing for your dream job.

Clark McCaskill / BuzzFeed

"Like, cool, great. I am that one candidate that sneezed on the interviewer. V chill."

5. While you're riding in a crowded elevator.

Jess Mendes / BuzzFeed

Then that awkward silence as you climb the remaining 20 floors... Oh, how the eyes pierce.

4. When you're playing an intense game of hide-and-seek. / LukeIsNotSexy / Via

Seeker: "3...2...1... Come out, come out where—"

Hider: *ACHOOO* "Dang it..."

3. While you're practicing your somersaults underwater. / Via

Physically, how can this happen? What will happen? So many questions.

2. When you're trying to get a fresh new cut.

BuzzFeed Violet / Via

"Yeah, I'd just like a little bit off the top."



1. Going in for a kiss after that first date.

ABC / Better Off Ted / Via

Guy: "I felt like we really connected, Brittany. You're really special."

Girl: "I feel the same way. I really like—" *Head-butt sneeze*

But the worst place of them all to get caught off guard by a wicked sneeze would be...

Mariano Pintor / BuzzFeed

...when you are driving in your car.

Courtesy of Zyrtec / Via

Don't let allergies catch you off guard — try ZYRTEC®. (Use only as directed.)