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16 Animal Sneezes That Are Too Cute To Handle

Everybody sneezes...even the majestic beasts of the animal kingdom. Thankfully us humans can take ZYRTEC® to catch a break from allergies.

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1. This golden pup can't seem to catch a break from his inescapable sneezes:

Tony Alter (CC BY http://2.0)/ / Via Flickr: 78428166@N00

Is he trying to wink or was his world just rocked by a stage-five sneezer?

3. Or poor little teddy who traveled too far into a sneeze hole to return:

"Aaaahh, look at all the pretty leaves. Oh no, the leaves. The leaves have taken me!"

6. Even his mom can't escape an inevitable sneaky sneeze:

Jess & Kate (CC BY -ND http://2.0) / Via Flickr: jessicapope

Either she just had a wicked sneeze, or she has no tolerance for folks laughing at her little dude.

9. This gal who has been plagued with resting sneeze face:

Just try to calm down. No need to give lip, now.

16. But let us not forget the poor kitten caught in sneeze purgatory:

This is the sneeze the never ends, and it goes and on my friends.

Don't let your sneeze catch you off guard. Try ZYRTEC®.

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