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The 25 Most OMG Moments From "Scandal"

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1. When Fitz told Olivia he loved her during a debate when he was running for president:

2. When Quinn Perkins (formerly one Lindsay Dwyer) was charged with murdering her boyfriend:

Apparently, she sent a bomb to his office because she found out he was cheating on her. And she became Quinn Perkins when Huck and Olivia left her a passport, a social security card, a license, and other identification documents in the hotel room where she was staying.

3. When we learned the voting machines used in Fitz's election were rigged:

Cyrus' husband James found out that Hollis Doyle's company, Cytron, created software for rigging slot machines, and that the software was used to help Fitz win swing states. More specifically, the machine took votes from Fitz's opponent and gave the votes to Fitz.

4. When President Grant was shot:

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5. When Cyrus let James adopt a baby so he'd have to quit his job and stop researching the rigged presidential election:


But James continued to investigate Defiance. He knew that Cyrus hated babies so much that he wouldn't bring one into their home unless he REALLY didn't want James to keep digging.

6. When Mellie forged Fitz's signature on a letter asking he be reinstated as president of the United States:


...even though he still hadn't woken up since being shot. And then everyone had to act like he was awake and recovering so Vice President Sally Langston wouldn't make catastrophic decisions for our great nation!

7. When we learned Hollis Doyle hired Becca to send the bomb to Cytron and try to assassinate Fitz:


Quinn's former boyfriend had a deal with Hollis that went south, and the bomb was Hollis' way of getting revenge. He also knew he could blame Quinn because she found out he was cheating on her. And then Hollis turned his sights on Huck and made it look like he shot Fitz because he was the one who helped Quinn's trial get dismissed!

8. But THEN we learned it was really Judge Verna who hired Becca to shoot Fitz, because she regretted her involvement in rigging the election:


She realized she had terminal cancer and had one year to live, and that she could technically kill the president and no one would turn her in because they were just as involved in the election rigging as she was.

9. When Fitz killed Verna:


Fitz went to visit Verna in the hospital, and she revealed that his election was rigged. She said that after he left the hospital, she was going to talk to a D.A. and confess everything about Defiance and get everyone he loved (Mellie, Cyrus, Olivia) in legal trouble — so he took off her oxygen mask and let her suffocate.

10. When Jake Ballard had cameras in Olivia's apartment:


...and Fitz TOLD him to set them up, because he wanted to know what Olivia was doing since they'd broken up.

11. When we learned that B613 made Huck leave his family:

He spent months in the hole because he kept acknowledging that, yes, he did have a secret family — even though members of B613 are not allowed to have families. But eventually, he agreed to give up his wife and son so the torture would stop.

12. When David Rosen took the Cytron card from Defiance out of Olivia Pope's safe and used it to get his ADA job back:


He also did all the work to prove that Billy Chambers was the mole, and even framed him for murdering Wendy!

13. When we met Olivia's dad, Rowan, and he was MEAN:

Rowan found out about Olivia's relationship with Fitz and gave her a big speech about how she's a big disappointment to him. He insisted she leave the country and start over, but luckily she did not.

14. When Fitz leaked that Olivia was the one he's been having the affair with:

15. When Fitz showed Olivia the house he built for her:

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It was in Vermont, and in their alternate life together, Fitz is governor and Olivia makes jam and babies.

16. When we found out Olivia's father was the head of B613:


...which meant he was responsible for torturing Huck, and the one who kept him in the hole for months at a time.

17. When Charlie tricked Quinn into killing someone, thereby making her a member of B613:


18. When Olivia found out her mom was alive:

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Olivia's dad told her Maya died in a plane crash, which Rowan and Fitz refer to as "Operation Remington" (because instead of it crashing, Fitz shot it down).

19. When we learned Olivia's mother made money selling government secrets:

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Maya met Olivia's dad in the seventies and began stealing classified information from him and the CIA, which she sold to anti-American groups.

20. When Vice President Langston murdered her husband:

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She knew she was married to a man with a wandering eye, but when she found out Daniel had sex with James (and that Cyrus had photographic proof), and that Daniel was going to leave her — she stabbed him.

21. When Olivia realized her mother tricked her father, too:

Maya didn't die in a "plane crash," because Rowan pulled her off the plane before it took off. She told him there was a bomb on the plane, but it was too late for him to do anything about it because it was already in the sky. So Rowan had Fitz shoot it down to protect the people in its final destination. But the truth was there was no bomb, and that Maya got Rowan to kill over 300 people for no reason. So Rowan imprisoned Maya for 22 years and told Olivia she was dead.

22. When Jake Ballard became the new head of Command:

23. When it was revealed that Mellie and Andrew Nichols (Fitz's running mate) had the feels for each other...

24. When James started releasing information to the press under the name "Publius" as a way to take down Cyrus:

James was angry that Cyrus was involved with Daniel Langston's death, so he began texting a reporter as "Publius" and feeding her information that he was getting from a listening device he had planted in Cyrus' office. Cyrus found the listening device and told James he knew about Publius, and forgave him. Feeling bad, James met with David and said he didn't want to be Publius anymore, but it didn't matter because then...

25. ...Jake Ballard shot him!

Jake shot James, made it look like a carjacking, and framed another man for it. Unfortunately, David Rosen witnessed the whole thing, and as the ADA, knew that if he didn't prosecute the man Jake framed for James' murder, he himself would probably be killed.

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