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Allergies As Told By Puppies

It's springtime, which means cute puppies sneezing! It also means you might be sneezing too. But you don't have to suffer: Get your hands on some ZYRTEC® and make it through spring allergy season in one piece.

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It happens every year — springtime rolls around, and you just can't WAIT to get outside:

You think of all the amazing fun you're going to have outdoors:

But when you open the window to smell the fresh air, something really bad happens:


As the weather gets nicer and nicer, getting out of bed in the morning becomes harder and harder:

But you suck it up anyway and do your best to go about your day:

You start dropping the ball at work, though, because...

...your eyes are itchy and watery:

...and you've turned into a mouth-breather:

Your friends say they're sympathetic to your agony:

But then they start getting mad when you have to go home early beacuse your allergies are flaring up:

And your life just becomes an endless cycle of suffering:

So you decide to hibernate in your apartment and wait for spring to end:

Because the outside world is just too harsh:

When someone asks you if you've taken anything to relieve your symptoms, you're like, "Do I look stupid to you?"

But when you finally find something that works for you, you're surprised by how good you feel! You're like "WHAT???"

You head outside and think, "OMG. I DO feel good!"

"Really good."

Now that spring is here, don’t get caught off guard and relieve your allergies with ZYRTEC®.

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