9 Things Tall People Hate

We aren’t freaks of nature, ok?

1. When people ask you how tall you are

I’ll tell you, but only if you tell me how much you weigh.

2. When little kids stare at you in public

I’m not a monster; you can stop hiding behind your mom’s legs now.

3. When someone makes a joke about your height

“How’s the weather up there?” HAHA, no.

4. When a complete stranger asks you to get them something from a high shelf in a store

Sure, but it’ll cost you. Twenty dollars please, ma’am.

5. When people audibly groan as you sit or stand in front of them at a concert, movie, etc.

SORRY to bother you with my existence.

6. When other tall people date really short people

They’re definitely defying some sort of law of nature, right?

7. When people assume you play basketball

Yeah, actually all tall people are genetically predisposed to be amazing basketball platers.

8. When people tell you that you’re tall

Oh my gosh, I had forgotten! Thank you, kind sir, for reminding me!

9. When people say that they wish they were tall like you

Do you, do you REALLY?

But at the end of the day, you can look down on everyone and laugh as you enjoy the best view at concerts, reach the top shelf at any store, and generally just relish in the fact that most of the world is jealous of you

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