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Here's What Polish Textbooks Teach Young People

One of the school subjects in Poland is, so called, "Family Life Education". Its curriculum is being taught to kids from the age of 10, and is a substitute for a proper sex education.

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Lesson 1...

own work / Via Facebook: zuzzaismArt

I’ve decided to translate some of the sentences taken from different "Family Life Education” textbooks available in Poland to show what is being communicated as right and wrong to young Polish people.

Lesson 2...

own work / Via Facebook: zuzzaismArt

I believe this is the core of the current situation of women in Poland. I want the world to be aware of the fact that Black Protest wasn't just about the proposed abortion ban. International media happily announced the success of protests that took place on the 3rd October 2016, reporting that the Polish government has stepped down and rejected the abortion ban bill.

The thing is… current situation in Poland is way more complex and this one 'success' is a very tiny step in a bigger scale of things.

Don't forget about Lesson 5!

own work / Via Facebook: zuzzaismArt

The proposed abortion ban isn’t just a one-off idea that has appeared completely out of the blue. That idea is an effect of years of promotion of certain patriarchal mentality among Polish people. Due to the significant role that Catholic Church plays in shaping Polish law and society, sex is being constantly portrayed as a sinful act, especially for women. Double standards are almost everywhere in Poland, and both men and women, are victims of such mentality.


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