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10 Lesser-Known Horror Movies That Are Actually Terrifyingly Good

Nothing like a horror movie to make 2020 seem a little less terrifying!

1. Digging Up the Marrow (2014)

A monster with glowing eyes, cracked skin, and sharp fangs snarling

2. The Wind (2018)

An old-fashioned Western woman looking at the cabin door at a desolate, ominous field

3. Dark Was the Night (2014)

A logger walking into an ominous forest

4. Delirium (2018)

A young man running from something that's chasing him through his own house

5. The Gallows (2015)

A woman hiding from a shrouded figure who's holding a noose

6. Animal (2014)

A nightmarish creature brandishing razor-sharp teeth

7. The Mandela Effect (2019)

A man grabbing his head as the world around him comes undone

8. The Lodge (2019)

A woman and two children staring out of a frost-covered cabin window

9. Man Vs. (2015)

A man fallen on the ground backing away from a mummy like creature

10. And lastly, Harbinger Down (2015)

A man tightly bundled in extreme winter-wear while a skull looks over him traveling through the arctic

Are there any underrated horror movies you'd recommend? Leave some seriously spooky suggestions in the comments. We'll keep our eyes peeled for 'em!

A monster without eyes on its face but on its hands