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    11 K-Pop Fashion Choices That Are Just Absurd Enough To Be Your Next Halloween Costume

    (Second-gen K-Pop was a blessing)

    #1. Kris Wu's Skull Outfit

    Kris Wu

    The good news is that skull-patterned anything automatically qualifies as a spooky outfit!

    #2. Dara's Bear Pants

    Sandara Park

    Now you don't have to worry about your legs getting cold during trick-or-treating!

    #3. SHINee's Easter Nightmare

    TV Daily

    This actually gets worse the longer you look at it.

    #4. This GD creation

    Star N

    You'll definitely be safer walking at night in this outfit as any iota of light probably makes you shine like the sun.

    #5. CL's Unicorn Dress

    YG Entertainment

    For when you've got an elegant black-tie event at 6 but a costume party at 7!

    #6. TOP's skull medallion

    YG Entertainment

    Remember what I said about skulls always being spooky? That goes double if they're huge skulls you wear around your neck.

    #7. EXO's patterned shorts-suits


    This one's good because it makes a great couple's costume!

    #8. Kris Wu's purple hair and glasses combo


    Repeat-offender Kris Wu offers you all of the elegance of his normal attire with a splash of Kidd Rock. Who wouldn't want that?

    #9. GD's Weekly Idol outfit

    YG Entertainment

    Do I understand it? No. Would you look great in it? YES.

    #10. Kyungsoo's feathers

    SM Entertainment

    I don't know why his stylists did this to him. All I know is it'd make a great costume.

    #11. TOP's race-car cowboy outfit

    YG Entertainment

    If you're having trouble deciding between going as a race-car driver or as a cowboy, Mr. Choi Seunghyun is here to tell you YOU CAN BE BOTH!