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8 Ways The Axon M Smartphone Unleashes Your Inner Multitasker

Double the screens. Double the memes.

If you look closely, you may notice something different about ZTE's new smartphone, the Axon M...

Two screens means you can run two different apps AT THE SAME TIME.

So, for example, you can watch the game at the very moment you're buying tickets to the next one.

Or you can keep an eye on the game while you check out the latest Tasty videos.

You can post your take on the latest episode of your fave prestige TV show in real time as you're watching it!

You can grab the next pic without closing out of the one you're already editing.

You can check your calendar while texting friends to make sure you're actually free for dinner when you think you are.

You can even take a break from studying to challenge a friend to an epic mobile tabletop game!

All Images Courtesy of ZTE

With two screens and four different "screen modes" the ZTE Axon M is the only phone that doesn't make you choose one app at a time. The possibilities are limitless! Learn more here!