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    15 Of The Best Football Celebrations Of All Time

    This list shows some of the most unique celebrations ever performed on the field.

    1. William Gay - "The Funky Chicken"

    2. Odell Beckham Jr - "The Whip"

    3. Le'veon Bell - "The Carlton"

    NBC / Via

    4. Victor Cruz - "The Salsa"

    NFL / Via

    5. Chad Johnson - "The Riverdance"

    NFL / Via

    6. Antonio Brown - "The Bennie Biggle Wiggle"

    Fox / Via

    7. Jacoby Jones - "The Choppa City Juke"

    8. Cam Newton - "The Superman"

    Fox / Via

    9. Terrell Owens - "Popcorn"

    NFL / Via

    10. Jason Pierre-Paul - "The Gangnam Style"

    Fox / Via

    11. Reggie Smith - "The Dougie"

    NFL / Via

    12. TY Hilton - "Rock The Baby"

    CBS / Via

    13. Knowshon Moreno - "Rock, Paper, Scissors"

    Fox / Via

    14. Deon Sanders - "The High Step"

    NFL / Via

    15. Warren Sapp - "The Beyoncé"

    NFL / Via
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