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    15 Differences Between The "P.S. I Still Love You" Book And Movie

    They say the book is always better than the movie but in this case, they're both EPIC.

    If like me, you couldn’t get enough of Lara Jean and Peter K. in To All the Boys I Loved Before, you’re in luck. The sequel, P.S. I Still Love You is finally here. Without further ado, here are some things that were different in the movie versus the book!

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    You can always expect some major changes from book to movie, but as long as there's a ton of Peter K. and John Ambrose, we still win.

    1. John Ambrose McClaren is (still) a dreamboat.


    If you watched the first movie, you might remember that John Ambrose shows up at Lara Jean's doorstep in the post-credits scene to hint a sequel. Now, he looks way different than in the first movie and books. In the books, he's described by Lucas and Lara Jean as having golden, buttery hair. I am 100% here for beautiful Jordan Fisher with his dreamy brown curls and winning smile. Fisher (who did a run on Hamilton as John Laurens) embodies everything John Ambrose is: sweet, charming, gallant, and the one who got away. Love!

    2. Lara Jean and Peter K. start off the movie dating.


    The first part of P.S. I Still Love You, the book, has most of the changes in the book to film translation. The biggest one is that Lara Jean and Peter K. are dating from the very start. In the book, they're still in a limbo where Peter dares play hard-to-get with our girl. The best part is that we get straight to their perfect chemistry. This timeline shift is everything. New Year, New Couple. Who dis?

    3. Peter K. comes up with really fun dates.


    On the subject of dates and outings, movie version of Peter K. has stepped up his game. He takes Lara Jean to a nice Italian dinner. He takes Lara Jean to the carnival. Honestly, the YA rom-com carnival is a staple and a must. In the books, they swing a movie, which is great, but Lara Jean deserves T H E W O R L D.

    4. Everyone wants Peter K. on Valentine's Day.


    In the books, Lara Jean spends a lot of time making her own Valentine's Day cards with Kitty. But what do you get the hottest guy in school that everyone wants? Everyone does want Peter K. in the books, but in the movie, it is blown out in a big way when he opens a locker full of cards from girls. Still, he only has eyes for his girl. While the school is busy sending out singing-grams (sing-o-grams?) he's busy giving his #1 girl a beautiful locket. Score one for #TeamPeterK.

    5. John Ambrose shows up totally uninvited.


    In the books, John Ambrose is introduced because he finally responded to Lara Jean's letter. Six years TOO LATE, buddy. In the book, they're penpals for a bit before LJ invites him to town. In the movie, he's a fellow volunteer at the retirement home where the old people are definitely more socially active than I am in my thirties. Having them work together is *brilliant* because he can do adorable things like play the piano and actually say the things he feels? Who knew? Point to #TeamJohnAmbrose.

    6. Christine gets her own man in this one.


    Rock and roll weirdo girls deserve love, too. Christine, LJ's BFF and Gen's cousin, has more of a background role in the novel. I love that she's there to support Lara Jean though all of her worries and that she's paired with Trevor, a hot jock that can give Peter a run for his money.

    7. Lara Jean doesn't send John Ambrose any letters.


    In the book, Lara Jean and John Ambrose are penpals before he makes his appearance. In the movie, Lara Jean attempts to write. She ruins a ton of really expensive looking stationary because every time she sits down to respond to him, she accidentally mentions how she used to like him. That's okay because he shows up anyway and knocks her off her feet. Literally.

    8. Margo is still in Scotland and Kitty is still trying to play cupid.


    One of the best parts of the novels and movies is the strong sister relationship between the Song-Covey girls. ~Song girls stick together!~ But, in the books, Margo is in at least the first act. She joins her sisters for her winter break and dresses up in hanboks for Korean New Year. In the movie, she's just called in to video chat. Meanwhile, Kitty is busy still playing matchmaker and sassy as ever. This time, though she's trying to help her hopeless dad.

    9. Dr. Covey can get it and he knows it.


    In the books, Dr. Covey is definitely clueless about dating. His flirtation with the very available divorcée across the street (Mrs. Rothschild) takes a while to get off the ground. In the books, Kitty invites her over for dinner without telling her dad and LJ makes him a dating-dad profile. In the movie, it's Lara Jean who invites the neighbor to dinner. But Kitty is the one who sends a very glittery V-day card to Mrs. Rothschild on behalf of her dad. As if John effing Corbett needs help with a date.

    10. Stormy is a glamorous day-drinking mentor and not John Ambrose's great-grandmother.


    Okay, as far as mentors go, Stormy is an MVP. I've never been to a retirement home but her place is something out of a scene from Gatsby, gimlets included. Other than being ~goals~ of who I want to be when I grow up, she gives love lessons to Lara Jean. Their conversations go deeper in the books. She's also John Ambrose's great-grandmother in the books, whereas that relationship is completely cut from the movie, which is fine since she can't be a biased #TeamJohnAmbrose now.

    11. The big game-day fallout breaks all our hearts.


    In the books, Peter K. really wants Lara Jean to go to his lacrosse games. But when she does, he chooses that game to go and help his ex, Gen. In the movie the order of events and players are changed. Lara Jean shows up at school (without John Ambrose) and while she's waiting for Peter to get on the bus Chris is the one who tells her that Peter and Gen were together (in the books LJ sees it herself). The ending is the same. A terrible confrontation that leads to the breakup of the best couple.

    12. Gen and Lara Jean have a genuine resolution.


    In the books, Gen comes off more like a mean girl in the scenes with Lara Jean. The film does an excellent job of bringing nuance to Gen's family drama. They also omitted the scene where Lara Jean sees Gen's dad having an affair with a girl young enough to be his daughter. Instead, Lara Jean initiates a conversation with Gen where Gen confesses that Peter has been helping her as a friend. Maybe there's hope for a reconciliation in movie #3???

    13. The aquarium field trip is a brand new scene that wasn't in the books.


    This is addition to the movie is brilliant. Everyone should go to an aquarium after a break-up for the lighting. The moody blue blues and symphony of sad jellyfish is the physical representation of what it feels like to have your heart broken. At least, it does to me. This addition also moves up the scene where Peter takes his locket back. *extreme sad face* At least in the movie, he didn't dare ask for it. LJ volunteered it.

    14. The USO party is now a *star* ball.


    The big retirement home shindig in the books is a big deal, but a bit different than the source material. John Ambrose shows up in a red convertible (noice), and uniform. The theme is supposed to harken back to WWII. The books are set in Virginia, which is why I think a USO (United Service Organizations) party made sense. The movie, set in Oregon, pivots and turns the party into a glamorous star-themed ball. John Ambrose and Lara Jean dress up real fancy, dance and play in the snow. It's hella romantic, but ultimately, when they share a kiss, Lara Jean knows who is truly in her heart. SORRY JOHN AMBROSE HAVE A NICE DAY.

    15. Lara Jean and Peter K. don't get back together in the treehouse.


    The omission of a game from the book means that we need to get to Peter K. as soon as Lara Jean realizes that she loves him. But that's OKAY because YA BOY meets her halfway. He shows up and is there, waiting for her just as she's about to go find him. He ASKS HER TO BREAK HIS HEART. (But please don't, Covey). Clearly, the "K" in Peter K. stands for "King of Romantic Gestures."

    Even with the changes, P.S. I Still Love You is a perfectly sweet rom-com that will make your heart soar. Noah Centineo and Lana Condor pack all the feels from beginning to end. Now, where's the third one?



    An earlier version of this post stated Fisher played Lafayette in Hamilton, when he actually played Laurens.

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