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15 Truths Of How Everyone Looks At Money

We all have weird beliefs about our money that we live by. Luckily, Zopa - the people who cut out banks to give customers better rates, have their heads screwed on when it comes to helping you make your money work harder.

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1. You measure anything you want to buy in pints, not pounds


"Those shoes are only really four rounds in the pub. So I'll get them and stay in this Friday."

No one has ever stuck to this plan, ever.

2. You secretly hope that if you don't look at your bank balance too often, there's a good chance your money will breed

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It needs its privacy. You know the saying, 'Money breeds money'?

3. Going into Tesco at lunchtime on payday you're all like… / Via

"I'll take the FINEST sandwich AND the sweet 'n' salt popcorn AND the KitKat, my good woman."

4. Whereas, at the end of the month you're more strategic

5. Everyone wanted to do this as a kid

DuckTales/Walt Disney Television Animation / Via

Even though the reality would be broken limbs and a mouthful of shattered teeth.

6. It sucks that losing a tooth as an adult now puts you in debt instead of credit

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It's also less of a social win.

7. Money saving lifehacks justify massive purchases later / Via

"I saved 40p on yogurt this week, which totally offsets the cost of my new grillz."

8. Finding a forgotten fiver in an old coat pocket is the best feeling in the world

Anthony Ladd / Getty Images

9. When you came home from your Saturday job you felt like this:

But now, when you get your wages you feel like this:

Bridesmaids / Universal Pictures / Via /

10. 20p now VS when you were a kid


Pavement collateral VS all the treasures in the world.

11. What you could buy with 20p now VS when you were a kid

Paga Design / Getty Images

About half a can of fizzy pop VS all the sweets in the world, served up in a paper bag. It's criminal.

12. Dogs don't have money, and they're happy / Via

Maybe we could be happy with no mo… No, that's stupid. If we weren't meant to have money, God wouldn't have given us wallets.

13. Birthday cards aren't as exciting now they don't have money in

Oh come on! We're all thinking it.

Oh come on! We're all thinking it.

14. When you were a kid you thought cash machines gave out free money

Chevy Chase/Vegas Vacation/Warner Bros. / Via

Sometimes we still think that, especially after a few pints.

15. Even if money won't buy us happiness… / Via

… We'd like the chance to be miserable in a limo.

Another sweet thing about money: Zopa offers competitive rates whether you're growing your savings or borrowing money. You could be richer than you think!

Find out more over at Facebook and Twitter!

Find out more over at Facebook and Twitter!