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13 Underrated Qualities You Should Be Looking For In A Partner

Good dental hygiene, duh. Use Zoosk's new Dating Insights feature to gain some amazing knowledge on your dating habits, so you'll finally know everything about the folks you're interested in and the type of people who are interested in you.

1. Someone who's always kind to the waiter.

2. And who doesn't mind helping out with your laundry.


If they're willing to get that close to your dirty undies, then they're a keeper tbh.

3. Someone who goes the extra mile to impress your parents.

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They'll love it.

4. And who puts up with your goofy music taste.

5. Someone who knows what's best for you.


Like, sometimes you've just had one bagel too many.

6. And someone who's always down to do their share of the chores.


<3 u bby.

7. Someone who surprises you with your favorite dessert every once in a while.


The littlest things are twice as sweet.

8. And who's always DTBW (Down To Binge-Watch).

9. Someone who respects your dietary restrictions.


10. Someone who can be happy going out OR staying in.

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It's important to be ~*versatile.*~

11. Someone who doesn't mind if you snore.


Obvi not that^

12. Someone who wants to look good for you.

13. And finally, someone who tells you they care, just because.


The sound of true love.

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