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    Kim Kardashian And Other Non-Black People With Afros

    The Black Social Network loves the diversity of the Afro! Check out one of the latest trends in JAPAN and of course, from Kim Kardashian.



    He even has an Afro pic!

    2. His & Her Afros

    Natural Hair Junkies / Via

    Some pay up to $300 for an Afro texturizer perm in Japan.


    BombHead Salon / Via

    From Bombhead Salon

    4. Kim Kardashian's Afro

    Via KIm Kardashian

    Kim Kardashian's Diana Ross inspired Afro and golden tan. (from her Hype Willliams shoot).

    5. New Zealand Afro

    Legendary New Zealandland cricket player Hamish Marshall.

    6. Music Icon


    Phil Spector. Those luscious locs don't look the same since he's been in the slammer.

    7. Do it YOURSELF with Thomas


    Thomas T. gives a tutorial about how to grow your Afro (for White guys). (link below).

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